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Author Topic: Jedi Public Discord Server  (Read 265 times)
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« on: April 26, 2017, 06:00:25 AM »

Our discord server is now public. You can join us by clicking this link:

What is Discord?

Its a combination of a series of chat rooms and voice chat. Its completely free. It allows us to co-ordinate much better outside of the game. There is a free corresponding Mobile app. It works in all the major modern browsers, and you can download a standalone app on your PC for it.

How do I get the "Friends" Permission?

In order to gain the friends tag, please:

1) Set your discord nickname to the same as your ingame name or forums name.
2) Make a post in this thread with your discord name and number (e.g. Mine is Harold Saxon#1327). You can find this out by viewing your own profile in discord.
3) Make a post on the Discord channel named "Verify Me" with a link to the post you made above.

After that, an admin will give you permissions. If you are a member - use the thread in our members area here. Friends permission will be given out based on forum rank (if you have the friends permission) or if you know someone in the fleet. This verify me stuff is only temporary until I set the server up fully.

Why are we using Discord?

Live chat is fun. For those that played Eve - think of the live chat stuff being similar in function to Jabber.


Same as our forum rules. Don't be a dick.

Is anyone allowed to come on?

For the most part, yes. If you've been previously banned here or don't exactly have the best relationship with the fleet/fleet members, then i'm open to you coming on as long as you aren't a dick. As far as i'm concerned, NF was in the past.
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